Anna L Conti

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Anna L. Conti

painter, printmaker, curator

Anna is a visual artist, working mostly in representational, symbolic, narrative series. As a studio painter, she works in acrylic on small to mid-sized canvases. As a plein-air painter, she works in watercolor on paper. Since 2011, Anna has been practicing printmaking, using copperplate etching, usually in other studios (with Marie Ferreboeuf, E. Dale Erickson, Betty Theodore.)

Drawing and sketching are a regular part of her daily routine, and a way to loosen up with playful experimentation. She often uses mixed media, collaboration, and the iPad for these exercises.

Getting out to see art in the community is a regular part of Anna’s art practice. Not only seeing other work, but discussing it with other artists. Over the years, Anna has organized and facilitated many informal artist groups for the purposes of getting us out of the studio and in touch with each other. The Sunset Artists’ Club, The Friday Sketch Club, The Monthly Artist Roundtable, and The BigCrow Salon are just a few of the groups Anna has organized and participated in. 

Anna has been represented in San Francisco by the following galleries: HangArt, Studio Gallery, and Newmark Gallery, as well as Palo Alto Hang. She also participated in SF Open Studios from 1989 to 2011. At the current time, she is self-representing and mostly sells work out of BigCrow Studios in Midtown, Reno, NV.