Jul 6, 2016

July = Artown in Reno

Reno is Artown! It's pretty great all year 'round, but the entire month of July is insane, with 10 to 20 art events every single day! Get the full schedule here (click on the calendar date-by-date for events & activities.)

Anna is just dipping her toe in this year, participating in a few events and getting around to some of the others as a visitor. 

Saturday, July 9th: 
yART Sale, 9am-4pm, 1420 Mt. Rose St., West of Marsh Avenue
Anna will be there all day,  be showing some paintings, along with 25 other artists, including Lynne Bunt (mixed media), Brenda Retterer (glass painting), and Craig Johnson (knots & bolts)

Other Artown venues that carry some of Anna's paintings:

Micano Home, 1350 S. Virginia St., Reno, NV
10am-6pm, Sat-Thur (closed Friday)
We’ll all be at the Art, Wine & Music event Micano is hosting on Saturday, July 30th, 1pm-6pm

Loorr Home, 3368 Lakeside Ct, Reno, NV
11am-6pm, Tue-Sat (closed Sun & Mon)
Loire has several of Anna's paintings on display.

Fred & Wilma’s Rock Quarry, 190 W. Moana Ln, 10am-3pm
Anna will be at the rock yard, doing some plein air watercolors on
Sunday, July 10th
Sunday, July 17th

Sunday, July 24th

May 17, 2016

Tim Braidy, DesertRat Metal Art

Tim Braidy is a metal sculptor & woodworker who lives and works in my neighborhood (MidTown Reno.) I’ve watched him build big things and little things, all with the same authentic sense of style, integrity, and craftsmanship.

But this morning, when I was visiting his workshop with a friend, we were blown away by a custom gate/door he had just finished. It’s a commissioned piece and the design was arrived at in collaboration with the client. 

You may have seen his work around town, without realizing it was his (some of his pieces are at Micano Home & Garden, and private homes; others will be on view at a restaurant opening soon on Virginia Street.) Recently, he’ s been branding the wood pieces with his logo.

And he’s starting to get requests for custom branding irons! You could use one for burning a logo or design into food, crafts, signage, or ???? He’s starting to get real busy, so if you want to build him you something, contact him soon:

Apr 27, 2016

Spring in Reno

'52 Vincent with Fishtails, acrylic on weathered wood, ©2016 AnnaLConti,
painted for Sam Sprague (to sell) at Micano Home & Garden.
Spring is here! (Kinda - it's actually snowing today.) But it seems like everyone in the Reno art scene is looking forward to Summer art shows & events. 

Luna Maya Marketplace is continuing their monthly, first weekend marketplace. We'll be out of town in May but look for Anna there on June 3, 4, 5; July 1, 2, 3; August 5, 6, 7; and September 2, 3, 4. And if you are an artist who wants to show/sell your art, shoot us an email and we'll set you up.

Micano Home & Garden has a few of Anna's pieces, specially commissioned by Sam Sprague for his rustic, steampunk, farm, industrial themed store. The Vincent (above) is the first in a new series. Stop by the store to see the latest.

Anna, with Bill Harvey in his
stone sculpture studio , with the
painting of his wood burl root that
looks like a horse.

Anna is very excited about the opportunity to show with Connections, at the Annual yART Sale, July 9th, 2016, during ArtTown. 20% of all sales benefit Arts for All Nevada. She'll be sharing a big booth space with Lynne Bunt (gourd artist,) Craig Johnson (metal & woodwork,) and Brenda Retterer (glass artist.)

Anna just dropped off a commissioned painting for Bill Harvey of Fred & Wilma's on Moana, in Reno. He calls the tree root that looks like a horse, "the horse that never was."

Dave has been posting a daily "View for the day" on his Instagram page and other work on his Flickr page. A few examples below:

untitled, ©2016 David W. Sumner
untitled, ©2016 David W. Sumner

untitled, ©2016 David W. Sumner

untitled, ©2016 David W. Sumner