Aug 2, 2014

Last BigCrow Studio Sale

One more time, and this is definitely the last time. Every day this week, including today, we are carting stuff off to Goodwill, SCRAP, Building Resources, and the city dump. Tomorrow is your last chance to claim anything that may interest you.

1426 41st Ave.
San Francisco, CA
(Cross street: Judah)


Jul 10, 2014

Giant Garage / Moving Sale!!!

Yes, we're moving BigCrow studios. You can help us by taking away some of the mountain of stuff we have accumulated after 27 years in the Sunset District.

Saturday, July 12th


Books, LOTS of books, art, photos, frames, furniture, housewares, clothes, bicycles, camping gear, etc.

CHEAP! Most items (including all books) $1 each
Bookshelves will be sold/given away after the books are gone.

Cash or credit cards accepted.

Bring your own bags, boxes, and straps to haul it away.

1426 41st Ave.
San Francisco, CA
(Cross street: Judah)

Apr 12, 2014

Make Time for Contemplation

Some times taking the time to look out the window and contemplate how far your creative career has come and where you would like to take it is the best and most needed inspiration. Living a creative life also means creative ways of living.

Photo: ©2014 David W. Sumner