Feb 5, 2016

February Walkabout

"Lincoln" mosaic by Beniamino Bufano
Please join us for the first bi-monthly BigCrow Reno Walkabout, on Friday, February 12, 2016. In honor of Lincoln's Birthday, we'll see some Lincoln portraits and raise a toast to the 16th US President, who proclaimed Nevada as the 36th state to join the Union, on October 31, 1864.

It'll go something like this (all times approximate): 

2pm- Meet up in the Basement of the old post office at 50 S. Virginia St. We'll do some sketching at the big communal tables in the common area near Rawbry & Global Coffee. (Enter through the door on the right of the loading dock on S. Center Street. Then go down the stairs.) Bring your own art supplies. Or just come hang out with those of us who will be drawing.

3pm - We walk across the street to see the  Joe C. Rocks show at the Sierra Gallery in the  historic Riverside Hotel, home to Reno's artist live-work lofts.

4pm - We walk 4 blocks to Arte Italia (Flint & California) to see the Benjamin Bufano show, where we'll see a beautiful mosaic portrait of Lincoln. 

5pm - We cross the street to the 1864 Tavern, at 290 California Ave., at Humboldt Street. We'll hang out in the comfy seating areas, talk about all we've seen, order some libations (imaginative cocktails and fresh juices) and maybe we'll get a pizza delivered. Plus - sa second Lincoln portrait is in residence there.

Feel free to join us at any point in the evening - there is no fee for participation other than purchasing your own refreshments. 

Jan 23, 2016

Hello Reno

Do not adjust your screen settings. This is part of David W. Sumner's new series,
"Uncorrected Vision."
"Horse to Water," 18"x18", acrylic on canvas, 2016 AnnaLConti
part of the "Unreliable Memories" series
We’re all moved in and (finally) starting to make new work in our new studio spaces. David is starting a new photo series called, “Uncorrected Vision” (top image above.) Follow his Instagram feed for updates. Anna is working on a new painting series called, “Unreliable Memories” - follow her thoughts on her blog, Working Artist’s Journal, or just the images on her “New Work” Flickr folder.

We’re meeting local artists and looking for ways to contribute to the local arts scene. To that end, we’re starting up a modified version of the artist gatherings we hosted in San Francisco over the last several years. Check the calendar tab (above) for details. 

Anna has placed a new commissioned painting at Micano Home & Garden on Virginia Street in MidTown, Reno. (It's the hand/eye painting at the top of the blue wall.)

In the next couple of months she’ll be announcing a location and schedule for classes and other public events.

We’re looking forward to participating in the vibrant art scene in Reno, which really seems to heat up as summer arrives. Thanks, Reno, for making us feel so welcome - we’re glad to be here!

Aug 13, 2015

BigCrow Flies to Reno!

After 28 years, BigCrow Studio is leaving San Francisco. There are many reasons, well documented elsewhere, but the bottom line is nothing lasts forever and our time here has come to an end. The really good news is that we are moving to Reno, Nevada.

Reno was not even on our radar until earlier this year, when our good friend Kerry moved there. After visiting her in her new home, we were smitten with the Biggest Little City in the World. Unless you've spent some time there recently, it's probably not what you're thinking.

We have wandered around the Downtown, Midtown, and Old Southwest areas on foot, by bus, and by taxi. We've driven around some of the other areas by car. We talked to everyone who would talk to us (and that was everyone - so far, 100% of the people we encountered were friendly, low-key, happy to answer questions about Reno.)

The first thing that surprised me about Reno was the natural beauty: the river, the big trees, those purple flowering sage bushes, and the surrounding mountains. The next thing that I noticed was the high percentage of actively creative people (all kinds of artists) who were doing their thing in Reno. The city seems to support this activity and the artists all seemed very happy. The third thing that hit me was the cost of living: an artist can actually live and eat here (what a concept!) This was not strictly news - anywhere is cheaper than San Francisco and I'd heard from Kerry that Reno was affordable. But there's nothing like first-hand experience. In so many little ways, a dollar goes further in Reno. Which is no doubt responsible for observation number four: there is a sense of relaxed openness in the people we encountered in Reno - and most of them were working when we talked to them! There was none that anxious, closed-off, distracted affect that seems to be infecting so many of the citizens on San Francisco.

We found a place to live in Midtown, with room for our studios and a gallery. We're moving there over the next few months (before the end of 2015, for sure.) So stay tuned - I'm sure it's going to affect our work (no more shipspotting for me) and think it's going to be good.