Photography For Business Promotional Products

promotional products and branded business cards are an integral part of major marketing efforts across the world. To successful brand an item, logos, brand colours and even photographs may be utilised. A carefully selected product with poor artwork or horrible logo placement may not have the intended effect. Companies must therefore spend a considerable amount of time developing appropriate art work for different products. The following is a guide on artwork and photos for branding business promotional products.

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The Logo

Logos come in various sizes, colours and shapes. In some cases, the logo may contain art, imagery and phrases. It is therefore imperative for the company to explore the best logo placement on items such that it is presentable but also representative of the company brand. The logo may need to be edited to enhance optimal fit on the item.

The colour combination

For the best effect, the artwork must have the right colour combinations. A bright colour with light coloured imprints may not have the desired effects since the imprints will be hard to read. For best effects, bright backgrounds should be accompanied by dark imprints and vice versa. It is also good to note that sometimes, all brand colours- in case of multiple colours - need not be used on a single product as it may end up looking ridiculous. You must also specify the exact shade you would want since a single colour may have tens of shades.

The font

The brand style or guide should define which fonts are appropriate for different media. For example, a font that may look good on a pen may not necessarily look great on a cap or on a notebook. Optimal font combinations must also be identified to ensure efficiency in passing the message.

Imprint area restrictions

These are guidelines on how large the print area on an item is. You must ensure that all artwork can fit in the imprint area without looking too crammed. If you are not sure about the size of the imprint area, you should seek professional guidance before you commence the artwork design process.

Role of photography and graphic design in branding and promotional items

The more visually attractive and creative the artwork on a promotional item is, the greater the likelihood of engraving it in the clients' minds. This is the ultimate goal for all promotional and branded items. Graphic designers come up with creative ways to brand different items such that they stand out to clients. They are tasked with designing the artwork that goes on different items, identifying the optimal combination of artwork, the use of pictures and guiding clients on the best fonts to use- in the absence of a brand style. In the case that photographs are required, it is better to use authentic and original photos as opposed to stock and edited images. Therefore, professional photography services may be necessary.