We are now offering Giclee Prints of selected paintings. Giclee (pronounced JEE-clay) is a high quality digital process, using pigmented inks that have an archival rating of over 100 years. These prints are made on canvas (or watercolor paper) and look remarkably close to original paintings.

Paintings are replicas of existing art and can be good and accepted, but we can’t accept fake software’s that put all our hard-earned money at stake!! It’s not possible to let it be!

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Allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery of a Giclee print once your order is confirmed. Prints can be shipped with or without a frame. (see Frame page for framing options.)
The catalog of available prints is sorted by series:
(click on any title to see that image, and prices)
Sunset District
The neighborhood where Anna has lived and worked since 1987.

48th Avenue
Three Houses in the Sunset
Ocean Park in Fog
Above Merrie Way
Into the Sunset
My Favorite Italian Restaurant
San Francisco Cityscapes
North Beach, Downtown, the Embarcadero, on MUNI…….

Lone Rider
Bascule Bridge (Third Street)
Stop Parking
470 Columbus
Steel Forest
Freeway Cathedral
Folsom Street Detour
Yellow Hats
National Driving School
The Doggie Diner head
The last one, on Sloat blvd., across from the zoo…

Morning Doggie
Bus Stop Doggie
End of an Era
DD, Empty Street
DD & Pigeon
DD & Surfboards
DD on the Strip
DD at the Ocean
DD & Ocean Park
Day & Nite Doggie
Pigment Doggies
Symbol Doggies
DD Skies

deYoung Museum
In Golden Gate Park… painted before it closed in December 2000.

Oh, Susanna!
Into The Light
Closer Look
Gallery 33
deYoung 2000
The Last Week
San Francisco Musicians
Working in the City.

Bass on Bus
Sax On Fire Escape
Guitar on Ninth Avenue
Blues Harmonica
Fender in the Backyard
Record Store Gig
More images…
There are many more images in the archives… if you have a particular favorite that you would like to order as a giclee print, please contact us:
call Toni Lusk at (831) 454-9400
or email toni@bigcrow.com