Bitcoin and Ethereum have been the emerging cryptocurrencies in the digital world. Though there are many others too, only these two are seeing a huge peak rise in the industry. There are reasons for this rise, but what is more important is that have you joined the wagon? While you may be wondering at the reasons, people would already have done with their investments and got returns, huge!

It’s like the stock markets too, you can’t time the market and allow to make gains even at the end time! That’s not possible, you can only predict and speculate, but you can’t exactly tell what is going to happen right away!

Well, many of them have thought that bitcoin and Ethereum are the same, but no!! there are few significant differences in them. Please read below and be prepared to understand the currency much better and have knowledge to make wise decisions.

Conceptual understanding:

Bitcoin is more of a currency. They are used to buy and trade, invest and gain long-term returns. Whereas Ethereum is the block of contracts, they are called as small contracts. They are mostly used for other purposes than currency.

Differences in Purpose and usage:

Bitcoin as we said, are used in trading, investment and even for transactions. They are being accepted as currency almost in most of the parts of the globe. You can transfer money to someone in bitcoins too, you can buy pizza, and others from bitcoins too.

But, on the other hand; Ethereum is more of a platform, a language and a base to create more projects and smart contracts. These contracts can be run on the platform and are a token of the transaction. They allow to send tokens like coins, that actually represent values, and they needn’t be anything similar to bitcoin. You can rely on Ethereum Code, for all your needs.

The bitcoin is more into currency and monetary responsibilities, while Ethereum is more into network transaction and power transactions.

“Paris Morning”
38″ x 47″

48″ x 65″


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“Self Portrait”
48″ x 68″, oil on canvas

“Bernard In His Studio”
48″ x 72″, oil on canvas

“Bernard Reading”
34″ x 48″, oil on canvas

“The Fall”
48″ x 78″, oil on canvas

“The Bed”
48″ x 72″, oil on canvas

36″ x 38″, oil on canvas
48″ x 72″, oil on canvas
“John and Charlie”
72″ x 48″, oil on canvas
“The Dream”
24″ x 32″, oil on canvas
“Sachi Asleep”
42″ x 48″, oil on canvas
“Betsy and Teddy”
48″ x 68″, oil on canvas
“Bernard’s Table”
oil on canvas