Bitcoins are the talk of the town and for few the need of the hour!! Being a layman, its always a little bit of too many speculations and worries, whether it’s the right time to invest, is it worthy of hard earned money, do we really get the returns as much as portrayed outside and so on!!

But, hang on!! You actually didn’t know the real potential of a bitcoin and its value in the longer run. We normally get confused about things that we really don’t know well, or don’t have proper knowledge about; and about the particular thing we fear! So, its easily seen that bitcoin remains a speculation for those small thinkers!

Think big and broad, why is the world going so big on bitcoin, how are others making money and becoming millionaires overnight? Transforming fear into confidence and ignorance into knowledge!

Read here the reason for its price hike and why should you consider it pretty soon:


The supply of bitcoin, which has a limit of 21M to be mined till 2040, and the process that is involved to mine makes it pricier. Anybody with supercomputers and smart brains can mine them, but others who still wish to make an investment on this needs to buy them using physical cash, or money.

To buy the digital currency physically you need to get registered with any of the platforms like Bitcoin Code, Crypto trader and so on. Not all are genuine, so make the choices wiser, with all knowledge about them considered.

Market cap:

The value and market capitalisation will influence the traders whether they want to trade and make short-term money or leave it for longer-term appreciation.

Payment integration:

The way the currency is being accepted globally and its entry into the payment gateway easily is making them even more popular.

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“Upper Terrace Market”
oil on canvas

“Theater Artaud”
48″ x 78″, oil on canvas

“Lill Ann Building”
48″ x 80″, oil on canvas

“Midwest House”
34″ x 44″, oil on canvas

“Gas Pump”
72″ x 48″, oil on canvas

“Best Foods Plant”
48″ x 74″, oil on canvas

“Rainy Day, SF”
48″ x 58″, oil on canvas
 “Mariposa At Florida St.”
oil on canvas
oil on canvas
 “South Van Ness Market”
48″ x 65″, oil on canvas

“Blanches, China Basin”
48″ x 74″, oil on canvas

32″ x 45″, oil on canvas

“Toxic Dump”
48″ x 36″, oil on canvas

“The Yellow Store”
oil on canvas