E. Dale Erickson is one of San Francisco’s best Contemporary Realist painters. His domestic interiors, still life scenes, and cityscapes reveal his midwestern roots and his long residence on the west coast.

Altcoins Trading Tips

  • A lot of Altcoins will start losing their values as time passes. Some Altcoins lose value slowly whereas some lose rapidly. It is always better to consider this when you own Altcoins whether it is for medium-term or long-term. Bitcoin Code allows trading for such currencies. It is always a great idea to choose Altcoins carefully. Once you have a reason to make trades which will be the recommended Altcoins will be the coins which will have be traded in great volume every day. The coins that a community that is spread widely in their background and which develop continuously also is a good choice. Basically, the coins that are here to stay and survive. Some of the Altcoins traded in high volume on daily basis are:
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Monero (XMR)
  • Factom (FCT)
  • DASH

There is a chart where these are mentioned as some of the leading coins and in order to know about this, you can keep following the chart for coins seeing which you can easily keep track and identify periods that are low and stable.

There are a lot of projects that make a choice do a crowd-sale. In the crowd-sale, the people who want to invest are given an opportunity for buying the shares of that particular project’s tokens and coins when it is in its early stage and the price of the token is meant to be in good price. What motivates the investors in buying these new tokens is that they will have an opportunity to trade them from the first day of its launch on the exchanges. When they will get to trade from day one, there will be yielding good profits for the participates who have initial coin offering. In the past few years recently there have been a lot of ICOs that have proven to have been successful. They have been successful in both projects and providing the good yields for the new investors.

This web site has a tiny sampling of the original oil paintings and giclee reproductions that are available. A visit to the gallery or studio is highly recommended.

Dale opened his studio at Project Artaud during San Francisco Open Studios during October 2002.

You can still visit his studio and see his work – just contact Dale at (415) 552-5198.