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Cityviews and Landscape Painting

Bitcoins are the talk of the town and for few the need of the hour!! Being a layman, its always a little bit of too many speculations and worries, whether it’s the right time to invest, is it worthy of hard earned money, do we really get the returns as much as portrayed outside and so on!!

But, hang on!! You actually didn’t know the real potential of a bitcoin and its value in the longer run. We normally get confused about things that we really don’t know well, or don’t have proper knowledge about; and about the particular thing we fear! So, its easily seen that bitcoin remains a speculation for those small thinkers!

Think big and broad, why is the world going so big on bitcoin, how are others making money and becoming millionaires overnight? Transforming fear into confidence and ignorance into knowledge!

Read here the reason for its price hike and why should you consider it pretty soon:


The supply of bitcoin, which has a limit of 21M to be mined till 2040, and the process that is involved to mine makes it pricier. Anybody with supercomputers and smart brains can mine them, but others who still wish to make an investment on this needs to buy them using physical cash, or money.

To buy the digital currency physically you need to get registered with any of the platforms like Bitcoin Code, Crypto trader and so on. Not all are genuine, so make the choices wiser, with all knowledge about them considered.

Market cap:

The value and market capitalisation will influence the traders whether they want to trade and make short-term money or leave it for longer-term appreciation.

Payment integration:

The way the currency is being accepted globally and its entry into the payment gateway easily is making them even more popular.

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“Upper Terrace Market”
oil on canvas

“Theater Artaud”
48″ x 78″, oil on canvas

“Lill Ann Building”
48″ x 80″, oil on canvas

“Midwest House”
34″ x 44″, oil on canvas

“Gas Pump”
72″ x 48″, oil on canvas

“Best Foods Plant”
48″ x 74″, oil on canvas

“Rainy Day, SF”
48″ x 58″, oil on canvas
 “Mariposa At Florida St.”
oil on canvas
oil on canvas
 “South Van Ness Market”
48″ x 65″, oil on canvas

“Blanches, China Basin”
48″ x 74″, oil on canvas

32″ x 45″, oil on canvas

“Toxic Dump”
48″ x 36″, oil on canvas

“The Yellow Store”
oil on canvas

E. Dale Erickson

E. Dale Erickson is one of San Francisco’s best Contemporary Realist painters. His domestic interiors, still life scenes, and cityscapes reveal his midwestern roots and his long residence on the west coast.

Altcoins Trading Tips

  • A lot of Altcoins will start losing their values as time passes. Some Altcoins lose value slowly whereas some lose rapidly. It is always better to consider this when you own Altcoins whether it is for medium-term or long-term. Bitcoin Code allows trading for such currencies. It is always a great idea to choose Altcoins carefully. Once you have a reason to make trades which will be the recommended Altcoins will be the coins which will have be traded in great volume every day. The coins that a community that is spread widely in their background and which develop continuously also is a good choice. Basically, the coins that are here to stay and survive. Some of the Altcoins traded in high volume on daily basis are:
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Monero (XMR)
  • Factom (FCT)
  • DASH

There is a chart where these are mentioned as some of the leading coins and in order to know about this, you can keep following the chart for coins seeing which you can easily keep track and identify periods that are low and stable.

There are a lot of projects that make a choice do a crowd-sale. In the crowd-sale, the people who want to invest are given an opportunity for buying the shares of that particular project’s tokens and coins when it is in its early stage and the price of the token is meant to be in good price. What motivates the investors in buying these new tokens is that they will have an opportunity to trade them from the first day of its launch on the exchanges. When they will get to trade from day one, there will be yielding good profits for the participates who have initial coin offering. In the past few years recently there have been a lot of ICOs that have proven to have been successful. They have been successful in both projects and providing the good yields for the new investors.

This web site has a tiny sampling of the original oil paintings and giclee reproductions that are available. A visit to the gallery or studio is highly recommended.

Dale opened his studio at Project Artaud during San Francisco Open Studios during October 2002.

You can still visit his studio and see his work – just contact Dale at (415) 552-5198.


“41st and Quintara, Red Car”, ©2002 Anna L. Conti, 24″ x 48″, acrylic on canvas
On Thursday, November 21, 2002 I will be one of three artists participating in a REALISM show at HANG at the Canvas. There will be an artists’ talk (with question and answer period) at 6pm. We’ll be talking about what defines realism and why we paint that way in the post-post modern period; why we choose the subjects we paint; and a bit about the process of painting.

Demo trading:

Crypto VIP Club gives an opportunity for the clients to use a demo account, that is the traders can do trading with the virtual money. No other broker software provide this option. But the users cannot reset the virtual money, once it comes down to zero. The difference between demo and real account is the traders can start trading with the virtual money in demo account and with their real money in real account trading.

Advantages and disadvantages:

There are various advantages and disadvantages in Crypto VIP Club software.

  • Low deposit:

The minimum trade amount is too low.

  • Unique platform:

Crypto VIP Club has developed a trading platform for smooth operation and the possibility to implement additional functions based on the requirements of the clients.

  • Regulatory oversight:

Crypto VIP Club is regulated by the Financial Market Relations Regulation Center (FRRMC). It ensures that the software is so reliable and it can provide the traders a great profit and a compensation in their deposit amount.

  • Demo account:

The demo account is an added advantage for the new traders. It uses a link to switch between the accounts.

  • Available educational library:

The software provides a free comprehensive educational library for the traders to learn about trading, search the market analysis and to access the trade signals.

  • Free withdrawal:

The software will never charge any fees for withdrawal..

  • Bonuses:

The software provides the traders up to 50% bonuses based on the deposited amount. The trader can add the bonus with the profit, but it cannot be withdrawn.


  • No application for windows:

The broker provides the mobile as a trading platform. Mobile applications for android and IOS are currently available, but there is no app for windows environment. That is a great disadvantage for the window users.

Trading is so easy and anyone new to trading can use this software in a simple way. The trading is very safe and the traders can feel free to ask for their withdrawal. As most of the people in the world go crazy on cryptocurrencies, Crypto VIP Club is the best software option to start trading. Apart from trading cryptocurrencies, we can also trade stocks, commodities and indices.

Have any questions you’ve been wanting to ask? Now’s your chance! See a preview of the paintings I have ready for the realism show, “Point of View”.

See the new page on “Caring for Your Acrylic Painting.” Keep it looking as good as the day you bought it!

Doggie Mandala, Blue

There are a lot of tricks and tips that one can follow so that they can avoid simple silly mistakes avoiding which you can make profits. Crypto VIP Club will help you make profits. Once people start trading they feel so good that they get addicted to trading and become possessed by the coins as well. When we compare stock exchange market and cryptocurrency trading market it has more risks then stock exchange market because the stock market has everyday movements that are extreme that are considered of value from 2-3%.

  • Fear of missing out is something all cryptocurrency traders must know about, however, when we observe such situation from outside it will not seem something very fun especially when there is pumping like insane of gains that are of immense two-digits within minutes.
  • There is one saying which will help you understand risk management in trading cryptocurrency; “little pig eats a lot, big pig gets eaten.” This proverb will help explain the profits that you can get in the marketplace. The trader should never keep an eye on the maximum level of the movement to become a trader who gains profit instead keep an eye on profits that are small which will gather to become a big one. The risks across the portfolio must be managed well. One example you can consider if it is a non-liquid market, the trader should always do investments of a small percentage of their portfolio. The levels of target and stop that would be chosen will be farther from the level of buying for the traders who will be assigned greater tolerance.
  • The financial instruments will be creating conditions that are volatile for the market. Many Altcoins trading is done depending on the value of the Bitcoin. The asset that is volatile in digital currency trading is Bitcoin that is comparable to FIAT. The fact that it is volatile asset must be considered by the trader especially during the time when the value of Bitcoin movement is very sharp. The value of Bitcoin and Altcoins are inversely proportional meaning when there is a rise in the value of Bitcoin, the Altcoins loses its Bitcoin value and the other way around. The trading conditions will be unclear when the Bitcoin becomes volatile. When it is unclear as to what is the condition of the trade and you cannot predict it will be a good idea to close the targets for the trades you have done or it is even better if you do not make any trades.

“Doggie Mandala, Blue” 
16″ x 16″, acrylic on Claybord
part of the “Doggie Mandala Series”

Fine Art Giclee Prints

We are now offering Giclee Prints of selected paintings. Giclee (pronounced JEE-clay) is a high quality digital process, using pigmented inks that have an archival rating of over 100 years. These prints are made on canvas (or watercolor paper) and look remarkably close to original paintings.

Paintings are replicas of existing art and can be good and accepted, but we can’t accept fake software’s that put all our hard-earned money at stake!! It’s not possible to let it be!

We are talking about the trading platforms that have risen in large numbers; especially in the cryptocurrency segment. If you are looking to invest in crypto, and want to know which the best platform is, then Crypto Robot 365 should be your stop. It’s the best platform to buy, sell and trade your cryptocurrencies at one platform and safely. The platform is genuine and has excellent return algorithm that will give value to your money and time.

Allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery of a Giclee print once your order is confirmed. Prints can be shipped with or without a frame. (see Frame page for framing options.)
The catalog of available prints is sorted by series:
(click on any title to see that image, and prices)
Sunset District
The neighborhood where Anna has lived and worked since 1987.

48th Avenue
Three Houses in the Sunset
Ocean Park in Fog
Above Merrie Way
Into the Sunset
My Favorite Italian Restaurant
San Francisco Cityscapes
North Beach, Downtown, the Embarcadero, on MUNI…….

Lone Rider
Bascule Bridge (Third Street)
Stop Parking
470 Columbus
Steel Forest
Freeway Cathedral
Folsom Street Detour
Yellow Hats
National Driving School
The Doggie Diner head
The last one, on Sloat blvd., across from the zoo…

Morning Doggie
Bus Stop Doggie
End of an Era
DD, Empty Street
DD & Pigeon
DD & Surfboards
DD on the Strip
DD at the Ocean
DD & Ocean Park
Day & Nite Doggie
Pigment Doggies
Symbol Doggies
DD Skies

deYoung Museum
In Golden Gate Park… painted before it closed in December 2000.

Oh, Susanna!
Into The Light
Closer Look
Gallery 33
deYoung 2000
The Last Week
San Francisco Musicians
Working in the City.

Bass on Bus
Sax On Fire Escape
Guitar on Ninth Avenue
Blues Harmonica
Fender in the Backyard
Record Store Gig
More images…
There are many more images in the archives… if you have a particular favorite that you would like to order as a giclee print, please contact us:
call Toni Lusk at (831) 454-9400
or email


These are the archives – work from previous shows and commissions.

The Cityscapes were shown during 1999 Open Studios. But as long as I live in the city, I’ll keep painting it.

The Doggie Diner series was shown at Circadia Coffee House Jan- Feb 2000.

Dash is one of the cryptocurrencies trading software in the industry under some derivatives which include CFDs. Many real robots offer this software worldwide. It was founded in the same ground as Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies. There are many differences in this software though they resemble them. It is very use to work with it. It also provides the security for the users. The company has only a limited number of employees working in it. The main task of this software is to improve the SSL and operational protocol of the cryptocurrency tool. It is the 5th biggest altcoin, that is, it serves as an alternative to regular monetary exchange on the market.  It is decentralized software and it works on a peer-to-peer basis.

The important feature in it is InstantSend one. That is, it sends the payments to the users within a second. There is a complete safety and security for the personal information details we have entered in it. It allows the users to purchase a wide variety of products. The Top 10 Crypto robots includes Bitcoin, HB Swiss, Ethereum, Carbon FX, Bitcoin Loophole, Crypto VIP club etc.…

Bitcoin code is also known as Bitcoin Millions system. It is nothing but a cryptocurrency mining software, which captured many online traders. It is useful to acquire some sufficient monetary amount on the internet.

How it works:

There is an investment tool that operates as per the principles of bitcoin. It is so alert in the analysis of market to see the oppurtunities of profits, so that it can increase the payouts for its traders. Bitcoins are easily exchangeable and they can be transferred into regular currencies. It could be operated both in the digital as well as the virtual world. There is no download in this software and it can operate on any devices such as desktop, laptop and even smartphones. What it actually needs is a stable internet connection. So, there is no downloading of any additional files on the system.

HB Swiss:

HB Swiss is attempted to sell it as a new forex trading solution for everyone. But, it is an old automated trading robot for binary trading options. The HB Swiss is a classic binary options robot and it tells us about the scam binary options company. It will generate monetary sums on a daily basis regularly. So that the feedback from the users about the company.

Bitcoin Loophole:

It is a great software which was designed by the investors. The software works on both automation mode and also manual mode.

Ethereum code:

Ethereum code is an open software platform used for enabling developers to build and deploy decentralized applications. It is based on blockchain technology. Ethereum was developed by a cryptocurrency researcher and programmer. It can be transferred between two accounts and also it is used to compensate mining nodes for the computations performed. There is a machine called Ethereum Virtual Machine, which can execute an international network of public nodes.

Landscapes have always been an interest of mine, and a means of relaxation. I paint on location in watercolor and gouache.

Illustrations and Portraits are a means of making a living, but I often have fun with these assignments.

If you’re interested in commissioning a special work of art, here’s the place to start.