The gallery will go live December 1, 2006

Call for entries, visual artists:

For an online exhibit of artist’s portraits of/by other artists. I’ll make a permanent home for it on my domain (here), with links to both subject and creator, and send out notices far and wide. It will go up December 1st, 2006.

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Want to submit your painting, sketch or print of an artist? All I need is a digital image. The original stays with you, and all inquiries (including sales) go to you. Look around at your art pals, pick one and do a portrait of them. Or maybe you already have an old painting of a studio-mate hanging around. Here’s what I’m looking for:

– Submission received by Nov. 1, 2006 – no exceptions.

– Any (still) visual medium (including but not limited to painting, pastels, ink, pencil, etching, silk screen, monoprint, mosaics, collage, digital or photographic process) any style, but it has to (obviously) look good on a computer screen, and if it’s abstract you’re going to have to work a little harder to convince me.

– Portraits of contemporary visual artists only. Bonus points if the subject of your piece submits a portrait of you. These are NOT self-portraits!

– Maximum of three entries per artist will be accepted – pick your best ones. (Don’t send more, or I’ll delete them all.)

– Submit by email or snail mail, following these directions:

EMAIL submissions:
-Subject line of email should read: Portraits, Your Name
-Image file is jpg, no larger than 1.5mb (or 72dpi, 8” x 10”)
-Include contact info for submitting artist as well as subject artist (this contact information will be published)
-Include a few lines of text about the image – title (subject), medium, size of original, date, anything else you want to add (optional)
-Email to

SnailMAIL submissions:
-Burn image/s to a CD. Label CD with your name. (You will not get the CD back – I’ll destroy them all after the project is up.)
-Image file can be any format or size – bigger is better.
-Include printout of contact info for submitting-artist as well as subject-artist (this contact information will be published)
-Include printout of a few lines of text about the image – title (subject), medium, size of original, date, anything else you want to add (optional)
-Mail to Anna Conti, Portrait Project, 1426 – 41st Ave., San Francisco, CA 94122