There is saying that every war going fighter would have heard that is; “Safety rules were written with blood.” However, we will not be something that is as risky as lives of a human being but when someone loses Bitcoins that are very costly by some mistakes while trading is for sure not funny. Firstly what one should know to do proper trade is that it needs a lot of attention and 100% focus. The second thing to keep in mind is that making trades is not meant for every individual. Here are some tips that will help the traders to avoid making mistakes that can easily be avoided. Bitcoin Code also helps reduce losses.

  • When one decides to begin to start entering every trade, they must be having a reason to do so. The trader must start trading only when they know why they must start trading so that they have planned a proper strategy for later stages. Not every trader makes profits from doing trading as it is a zero-sum play, meaning every time someone gains profits there is someone else losing it. The market for Altcoins is also operated by the same market that is accountable for placing a big block of Bitcoins that are in hundreds in number on the order book. So the market is waiting for small traders to make one small mistake so that they get gains while the other loses therefore, it is smart move to not do anything and not earn anything rather than rushing into something, not in your favor and losing all the coins.
  • Make sure they keep and target and end at that particular target when you begin trading. In order to gain more profits, it is advised that for every trade one must have a proper target so that they take profits and even more important is to set a stop-loss level so that you cut down on losses. Stop-loss: It is nothing but the level of loss is set after crossing which the trade will close. There are many factors that one need to consider when choosing a stop-loss level properly.
Erling Henry Wold II by Lynne Rutter
“the second earl of wold”
oil on panel
16 x 18″
From Lynne Rutter:

“a slightly off-topic portrait. no he has not painted me but he did dedicate a small piece of music to me once.
painted after da vinci’s girl with an ermine, but kind of in the style of vermeer, but more like lynne doing vermeer doing da vinci.”