My good friend Sachi died a week ago, here in my home. She was a creative, life-generating force in this community, and a good friend to (literally) hundreds of people. I was lucky she agreed to spend her last ten days with me. Eight of those days were an almost continuous party, with live music, poetry readings, laughter and and unbelievable amount of food.

Sachiko’s art form was performance, but she was a boundary-crosser in the finest tradition of the trickster. She had her fingers in so many pies, that I don’t think there’s a single one of us who knows about them all. I know she was involved in the civil rights movement in the 60’s and met Malcolm X. She was an inspirational feminist at San Jose State in the early 70’s, and was active in the Peace movement. She combined elements of Japanese Noh, Butoh, and American solo performance theater to come up with her own art form – Asian American Dance Theater. She founded theater groups, taught dance classes, danced the hula, played the ukulele, practiced Chinese brush painting, taught grade school music classes and college level drama classes, and was a proud, active member of San Francisco’s first (and longest running) artist live-work collective, Project Artaud. There will be more Sachi stories at her memorial celebration, 1pm – 4pm on Saturday, November 20, 2004 at Project Artaud Theater.

Some of the characteristics of foreign exchange market that are main are:

  • Membership for exchanges: The below list of securities platforms have membership classified as:
  1. Specialists: These are the people who make the market for stocks as well as control the book where limit is mentioned. They also do the posting of the bidding and ask prices.
  2. Commission Brokers: The people who work in the firm who are also members of the exchange are known as commission brokers. The work of these people is buying and selling the shares of that firm’s clients they work for.
  3. Floor Brokers: Commission brokers and floor brokers have one thing in common, that is, both buy and sell shares. But one difference they have is that commission brokers are the employees of that company whereas, floor brokers work independently and provide assistance to commission brokers when they are very busy.
  4. Registered Traders: Buying and selling of shares is done by registered traders who are members who do so for their personal account. Liquidity is offered by them. Qprofit System is a software for buying and selling in forex market.