Painting outdoors, with watercolors is a lot different from painting in my studio, with acrylics. “No kidding,” you’re thinking, “What’s the point?” It’s the act of kicking myself out of my usual routine that’s important. The different materials and location also force a different style – looser, more improvisational than the way I usually work. And I’m NOT very good at this kind of painting. I’ve found that the way to get the most out of the experience is to focus on the experience. Call it practice. Not making a painting. Yesterday, before heading out, I looked for inspiration in a little book in my library of watercolors by Raoul Dufy. They’re lovely little drawings, with simple lines and colors… I’m still aspiring to this level of simplicity, but I got a lot closer today than I had in the last few weeks.

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Photos at right are my painting companions yesterday: David Neri and Pam Heyda.

Image above is my watercolor view of North Lake, on Chain of Lakes Drive, in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

Images below are from “Raoul Dufy” by Claude Roger-Marx, published 1950, in France, (no ISBN)