At first, I was simply attracted to the colors and shapes. San Francisco has a tremendous variety in its fire hydrants. Then, wondering what the colors and shapes might mean, I visited the web ( and I was hooked. Both the history and the technical aspects of Fire Hydrants are as interesting as their appearance. Friends started sending me photos of their local hydrants from Europe, Canada, and all over the U.S. It’s impossible for me not to notice hydrants now. Which soon led me to start looking at fire boxes, fire engines, and so on….

Fire hydrants are nothing but the connection above the ground which supplies water the beat the fire. There are one or more outlets in the fire hydrant to connect to the hosts. There are two types of fire hydrants.

  1. Wet Barrel
  2. Dry Barrel

In a wet barrel, the hydrant is directly connected with the pressurized water supply and in a dry barrel, the hydrant is separated with the pressurized water supply.

The basic design of fire hydrants were discovered in United States of America. The shapes of the fire hydrants is different for different countries though they have the same basic components and function.

Some hydrants have circular shaped body and some have square and hexagonal shaped body. This has also become a business now as there is a rule that every schools, hospital and corporate offices should have fire hydrants for the safety of the people. This leads to the profit for the manufacturers. They design it with some less money and sell it to the customers with some profit. This is a way of business. There are many businesses to earn more money like online trading.

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The “Fire and Water” show will open Thursday, January 31, 2002 at HANG at the Canvas Gallery in San Francisco. Come anytime, but the reception is 7 – 9pm. Capt. Willis Lamm of the Moraga-Orinda Fire District and technical advisor to will be there on Opening Day to tell you everything you always wanted to know about fire hydrants!

 Meanwhile, here are some of the paintings…

“Engine Co. 23”

“Clement Red”
“Embarcadero Green”
“Engine Bell”
“Take Me to Your Leader”
“Gold Standard” 
“Red and White”
“Fulton Street”
“Santa Cruz Orange”

“SFFD E-26”

“Ocean Beach Yellow”

“SFFD 6”

“On the Line”

“Coiled and Ready”

“Fragment 1”
“Sunset Firebox”
“Noriega Firebox”

“Santa Cruz Yellow”
“Red and Blue at de Young”