Jun 5, 2017

Nevada Locals - Wildlife Version

Alan Baker- Carousel Mustang, carved from wood (finished and in progress)

Tim Braidy- Bighorn Sheep

Reno artists Tim Braidy, Alan Baker and Anna Conti show some of their recent work. This is really fresh - most of it was finished in the last three weeks or less! Working in metal, wood, bone, and leather, they reveal a unique vision of our local flora & fauna.

I'm still painting the gallery- will post more photos right before the opening reception:

Friday, June 9, 2017
BigCrow Studio Gallery
MidTown Reno

NOTE: It’s right under your nose, but this place is hard to find. Read the directions carefully. 

We are located in the alley between Caliente and Arroyo, just off Plumas. One-way streets make it imperative that you enter the alley from Plumas. Look for the balloons marking the alley! We are the only two-story building in that block and every light in the house will be on. You can park in front of the house, or in front of the white cottage across the alley.

Alan Baker- Horseshoe with drawn leaves
Tim Braidy- Steer & Snake