Jul 22, 2017

The David W. Sumner Photography Library

Some of Dave's photo book collection.
Friends and family of David W. Sumner knew about his library of photography monographs, and his keen interest in the history of photography, as well as the personalities in the field. He knew some of the photographers personally and went out of his way to meet and talk to the authors of books that interested him. After Dave's death, more than one person told me, "This is a valuable, well-curated collection of photography books - it should stay together." But how? And where? It's been nagging at me for months.

Finally, the perfect solution was conjured by a good friend, and photographer, who handled the whole thing while I've been out of town. The books went to a local photojournalism student (a Reno resident, attending UNR.) I was told that he is also a B&W film fan. The young man's mother purchased the collection as a gift for her son. They both came to the house and spent 40 minutes looking through the books with some familiarity, much interest, and enthusiasm. From what I heard about the encounter, Dave would have approved.

Jun 5, 2017

Nevada Locals - Wildlife Version

Alan Baker- Carousel Mustang, carved from wood (finished and in progress)

Tim Braidy- Bighorn Sheep

Reno artists Tim Braidy, Alan Baker and Anna Conti show some of their recent work. This is really fresh - most of it was finished in the last three weeks or less! Working in metal, wood, bone, and leather, they reveal a unique vision of our local flora & fauna.

I'm still painting the gallery- will post more photos right before the opening reception:

Friday, June 9, 2017
BigCrow Studio Gallery
MidTown Reno

NOTE: It’s right under your nose, but this place is hard to find. Read the directions carefully. 

We are located in the alley between Caliente and Arroyo, just off Plumas. One-way streets make it imperative that you enter the alley from Plumas. Look for the balloons marking the alley! We are the only two-story building in that block and every light in the house will be on. You can park in front of the house, or in front of the white cottage across the alley.

Alan Baker- Horseshoe with drawn leaves
Tim Braidy- Steer & Snake

Apr 9, 2017

In Memorium

David W. Sumner: 1958-2017
Dave passed away, at home, on March 25, 2017. He collapsed, in his photo studio, on March 21st, was taken to the ER, admitted to ICU, and then back home on hospice on the 24th. As mentioned in the blog about his journey with Leukemia, his spleen was bleeding, as well as his liver, and he went into kidney failure after more than 20 transfusions.

I know it's a cliche to say that your spouse was your best friend, but it was true in this case. Both of us have many good friends and Dave was the best friend a person could hope for. To the vulnerable & defenseless, he was a hero. To his friends, he was loyal, generous, and kind. To young photographers, he was a mentor. To most of the rest of the world, he was a curmudgeon. 

I join the rest of our friends in mourning his loss.

Apr 5, 2017

Cindy Gunn's "Works From Arkansas"

Night Scenes of gas stations and mixed media images of people exercising. What's the connection? Come find out - this Friday, 6:30pm.

We are located in one of MidTown Reno's infamous alleys. GPS will not get you here. How to find us: turn off Plumas into the alley between Caliente and Arroyo. Look for the two-story building with all the lights on, and number 320 on the front.

Jan 4, 2017

David Steinhardt's "Elevations"


 We are pleased to present David Steinhardt's "Elevations"at the BigCrow Studio Gallery during the month of February, 2017. The show opens on Thursday, February 2nd  (Ground Hog Day) and the opening reception will be Saturday, February 4th, 6pm - 9pm.

Since moving to Reno from Coastal California, David's plein air painting practice has been reinvigorated by his use of palette knives (in place of brushes, for applying the paint.)

He has been outside daily - in rain and snow - exploring the mountains near Reno and the Truckee Riverwatershed.


Follow his Instagram feed for his daily updates: 


When he's not outdoors, David is painting at the Potentialist Workshop, in Reno, where he has a front-window space:


David made his living as a muralist for many years and still returns to San Francisco on a regular basis, to do mural commissions. Some of his older mural work is here: