Jan 23, 2016

Hello Reno

Do not adjust your screen settings. This is part of David W. Sumner's new series,
"Uncorrected Vision."
"Horse to Water," 18"x18", acrylic on canvas, 2016 AnnaLConti
part of the "Unreliable Memories" series
We’re all moved in and (finally) starting to make new work in our new studio spaces. David is starting a new photo series called, “Uncorrected Vision” (top image above.) Follow his Instagram feed for updates. Anna is working on a new painting series called, “Unreliable Memories” - follow her thoughts on her blog, Working Artist’s Journal, or just the images on her “New Work” Flickr folder.

We’re meeting local artists and looking for ways to contribute to the local arts scene. To that end, we’re starting up a modified version of the artist gatherings we hosted in San Francisco over the last several years. Check the calendar tab (above) for details. 

Anna has placed a new commissioned painting at Micano Home & Garden on Virginia Street in MidTown, Reno. (It's the hand/eye painting at the top of the blue wall.)

In the next couple of months she’ll be announcing a location and schedule for classes and other public events.

We’re looking forward to participating in the vibrant art scene in Reno, which really seems to heat up as summer arrives. Thanks, Reno, for making us feel so welcome - we’re glad to be here!