Nov 2, 2014

E. Dale Erickson

E. Dale Erickson is a painter and printmaker who has been living and working in San Francisco for nearly 50 years. His subject matter is mostly drawn from his surroundings (friends, family, pets, the city of San Francisco and the scenery he encounters when traveling.)

As a long-time resident of Project Artaud, in San Francisco’s Mission District, Dale documented the transition of that area from industrial/factory/rail-yard to artist lofts and coffee shops.

BigCrow Studio Exhibition Space is pleased to have a couple of Dale’s recent etchings (above) that show the area around Mariposa & Florida, back in the day. Dale drew these etchings from his earlier paintings. These etchings are nicely framed, 12” x 15”, and a real bargain at $120 each.

Dale is participating in San Francisco’s Open Studios today, Sunday Nov. 2nd, from 11am to 6pm, at Project Artaud, 499 Alabama Street, SF. Go visit him there and see three floors of other artists as well!

And next weekend, visit BigCrow Studio Exhibition Space to see these terrific etchings, as well as a perfect jewel of a still life by Dale (below) 15” x 21”, framed, oil painting. We’re open every weekend - Fridays 1pm to 8pm, Saturdays 12pm to 6pm.

BigCrow Studio Exhibition Space
1426 41st Ave., SF, CA 94122
(415) 632-7746

More of Dale’s work can be seen at his Flickr page, and at the ArtZone461 page (another Mission gallery that just closed, September 28th.)