Nov 7, 2014

David Steinhardt's Cartoons

What are we? And why are we here?

David Steinhardt has been working on that topic in his latest series of cartoons. He calls these pieces his “Flat Earth Series.” He told me once that, he sees his characters as primarily intellect (brain,) spirit (lung,) heart (heart,) and appetite (stomach.) We all look pretty silly, when reduced to these four flimsy sacks, but David says:

“Seen from up close, as a member of the species prone to passionate judgements about what a human being should properly be, we don’t look that impressive. Viewed from a step back, though, in the context of all the other species that natural selection has coughed up, nearly everything about us is extraordinary and amazing. We may be right, we may be wrong, we’re definitely worth making pictures of.”

We have four of David’s Flat Earth cartoons here at BigCrow Studio Exhibition space. These are all originals (not reproductions) on paper on board and framed. The Art Attack Gallery, on Hyde Street in San Francisco has a few from this series, as well.