Dec 12, 2013

Storm Over Pier 50

 Anna finished another new painting in the Ship Spotting series yesterday
"Storm over Pier 50" 10"x20" acrylic on canvas, ©2013 Anna L. Conti

Nov 19, 2013

Two Canvases Under Way

Two new ship spotting paintings in progress. Anna stacks the canvases and rotates them as she works on one then the other through out the day.

Nov 12, 2013

Nov 6, 2013

Always something new

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Oct 3, 2013


I finished editing the last of the images from the recent session with Natalie. This image was made on Kodak E100SW Ektachrome.

Photo: ©2013 David W. Sumner

Oct 2, 2013

More paintings ...

Anna finished another ship spotting painting the other day. Here you can see she had two more underway. (Photo ©2013 David W. Sumner/BigCrow Studio)

Aug 5, 2013

Alternative Process

We've been experimenting with some very "alternative" materials for image making. See more images and get the details here.

We're planning some more tests using the photo sensitive cabbage dye so stay tuned.

Jul 14, 2013

Light Through a Pin Hole

I've been experimenting with a home made pinhole lens the past couple of days. So far the I'm pleased with the digital images I've made using it on the Nikon D200.

In addition to making the above digital image today, I put the lens on my F3 and made a few images on black & white film while I was out running errands this afternoon. It will be interesting to see what comes out when I process the film.

Photo: ©2013 David W. Sumner

Jul 10, 2013

Shipspotting Progress

Anna finished another painting in her Shipspotting series today. This little speedster belongs to Vessel Assist, the AAA of San Francisco Bay. This canvas measures 20"x24" and will soon be hanging in the main room at BigCrow Studio.

Photo: ©2013 Anna L. Conti